The Woes of Brave Browser or: "Le retour du 'Shill Lion'"


Recently, Mozilla announced their new update to Firefox, version 89 was nearing completion. This version includes a new user interface which, in addition to looking absolutely horrific, also reduces the themable area, removes previous features, and presumably grows the size of the browser while adding more meaningless botnet and spyware "features". Because of this new update, I decided to return to browser shopping and check out the Brave Browser. After all, Luke Smith recommends Brave Browser and, though sort of an "e-celebrity" I value his opinions and trust many other users who have suggested this browser to me.

Unfortunately, Brave Browser is nothing more than spyware garbage, conveniently topped with bows like "open source" and "privacy-respecting", buzzwords which have recently become popular to sell spyware which is, in fact, neither privacy-respecting nor open source. Though I initially tried to conceal my political affiliations on this website, one could easily reconstruct them if he so desired--but this sort of thing should have no effect on software usage--the fact that software is somehow "right wing" or "anti-SJW" should absolutely never serve as a basis for adoption, no more than those who often insinuate that users should adopt solely closed source software because it is somehow inherently "capitalist" (how this makes any sense is beyond me) should be trusted as a source of information. Brave only became popular because it was perceived as either "anti-SJW" by the likes of Sargon, or somehow "sticking it to the man" by fighting dishonest advertizing practices with other dishonest advertizing practices. If software releases as closed source and gives lip service to going open source (even if it later does), that software is almost certainly crapware. But there are plenty of other things Brave did to dicredit their product:

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