Mike's Net Archive

This is just a little page I decided to make while bored at work. I've tried to collect some interesting resources on various topics, but none of them are complete yet. You'll also find some information about some of my hobbies, but I'd like the list to be more a collection of helpful resources than a blog.

If you'd like to contact me regarding anything on this site, please use my e-mail address mikhailkfv@tfwno.gf. If this site gets scraped or if I get spammed, I WILL nuke the account or stop using it, so please don't.

I apologize for the lack of updates on this site. The past eight months I've worked full time, but now I'm back in the University. I have some free time on my hands, so expect some updates here soon.

Table of Contents

  1. History
    1. Russian History
    2. Eastern Roman History
  2. Philosophy
  3. The Sciences
  4. Languistics
  5. Hobbies
    1. Typewriters
    2. Firearms
    3. Calligraphy & Typesetting
    4. Computer Programming
    5. Vexillology
    6. Anime & Manga
  6. Miscellaneous Resources

Copying: if you'd like to share anything from this website, don't worry about giving me credit because most of this content is not mine anyway. As for the resources that are mine, feel free to use them but I'd appreciate doing so courteously.